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EDDM Direct Mail Printing


Q: What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service? A: Low Cost Direct Mail Advertising.

EDDM is a new service offered by the U.S. Postal Service that simiplifies the process of direct mailing.

  • 14.5 cents per piece postage cost
  • No need to purchase a mailing list
  • No need to print or hand address each mail piece
  • No postage permit required
  • You choose the specific distribution area - zip code / neighborhood

You can now offer your business clients an effective and economical way to send promotional materials to specific areas of their choice. No need for expensive mail houses, costly permits or fees, variable data addressing costs, or mailing lists. Go from idea to mailing in days not weeks. No equipment or specialized training required.

Now you can provide the services of a mail house for your print business customers without all of the associated expense or training. This is a perfect way for small or medium sized businesses to advertise in any area serviced by the U.S. Postal Service.

If you want to mail postcards for your business clients and target their customers by a geographic area then this new mailing program available from the U.S. Postal Service is for you. EDDM enables retail businesses to mail each postcard for 14.5 cents to zip code routes you select without the need to be a mailing expert.


  1. Define who your customers want to reach. Visit https://smp.usps.gov and find the mail route(s) that matches the desired target area.
    Obtain the number of address and estimated postage costs.
  2. Complete the simple EDDM USPS form.
  3. Choose the size of the mailing piece to be printed. We offers EDDM compatible downloadable templates on this page - see below.
    Postcards - 14pt C2S or 100# uncoated cover 6.25" x 9", 6.25" x 11", 8.5" x 11"
    Brochures - 100# C2S Text, bi fold to 8.5" x 11"
  4. Compose the desired ad copy. Don't forget simple postage indicia and simplified addressing. Upload file to us.
  5. Drop off bundled mailing at the U.S. Postal Office. Note: Specific bundling and drop off details apply.

Learn more at USPS.com/everydoordirectmail


The U.S. Postal Service offers Every Door Direct Mail (standard) and Every Door Direct Mail Retail service programs. While the postage rates are the same the retail version requires the materials be dropped off at the target area post office and limits mailings to no more than 5,000 pieces per day for each mailing. The retail version is slightly simpler to use. For larger clients, more frequent mailings, service to distant areas, and more in depth distribution data/reports the standard program would be more helpful. The standard program requires a no cost permit be filed and that materials comply with easy to follow bundling requirements. Remember that only specific mailer sizes will be accepted and the specific Postage Indicia wording and acceptable simplified addressing box must be printed on every mailer. See USPS.com for details.

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